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Aparátnici …

The future belongs to those who know the history. Aparátnici are very familiar with the history and lessons of past mistakes arrangements regarding the handling of the population. They are keenly aware that any demonstration can compromise their positions and possessions nakradené. Already twenty-two years with impunity devastate Africa, by “precisely” the set of laws destroy and break all the interpersonal and family relationships. To learn. Learn from past regimes ranging up to White Mountain. They know that repression is always provoke a reaction mode and sooner or later cease. Their political and economic strategy is that people must be constantly kept in uncertainty and fear of the future. This should be available very effective tool. First of all media. The media are the same as criminals aparátnici. Have a role to manipulate public opinion and directing the desired direction. To intimidate them very well serve our tax well-fed gypsy community. Gypsies (youths) with impunity, invade, steal valid and current can only watch or leave a welt, or mutilate.
It is therefore extremely important that we have and we rightful citizens of the state also took lessons from history.
Demonstrations. What is a demonstration. Demonstrations in fact means something like showing off, or displaying something. If people come to the demonstration, to show off. Hold in their hands banners that aparátnici not read well or because they have the situation firmly under control and know that the demonstrators are disorganized, their behavior reminds pretty much business as usual herd behavior. And do not exaggerate when I say that very much such a decent and democratic demonstrations convened and organized themselves apparatchik who actively feeds on them (speakers) and the people is the feeling that decision.
Protest. The protest is an expression of will. Protest against anything, any way, by all means it is the inalienable right of every citizen of the final state. If someone attacks you and robs you can lodge a complaint. Per month you receive notification that the lack of evidence for management stops. If you submit a complaint, it is not a protest. Their complaints will not occur.
Likewise, it is with our apparatchik. You can complain, demonstrate, write petitions, nothing will be missed.
Expression of will is that if you have in your village, city, district, or county incapable and corrupt officials, do not worry, occupied the town hall, Chase is Launch a referendum and choose according to your will. “Democratic” way proclaimed criminal state power will never reach anything. Throughout your life you will have just what you discharge yourself, your descendants will have only what they upload. Aparátnici you will terrorize and steal as long as you like it leave.

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